Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Well-Traveled Panty and Some Zine Info

Strolling through the packaged undies section of Target has left me wondering about the politics of underwear: fabric, dye, stitching, labour, packaging, marketing, import/export, processes of globalization and garment industries... What are the histories and contexts for western undies? How does the underwear market play out gender, class, sex, age, race, body politics, colonial power dynamics, and conventions for "propriety?" I know MT and Cupcake talked a bit about this in their Feminist Critical Theory class last year... I wish I had been there.

* * *

I just read some info about a "Radical Fatshion Zine." They write:

"Would you be interested in helping create a potentially low participation/totally pleasurable (like, you would only do the tasks that you are super interested in. no more, no less.) zine about radical and accessible and fierce fatshion?"

They say to contact: They are also on Facebook.