Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick and Dirty

It's been a while. I don't want to lose too much steam so here's some stuff I've been thinking about:

Dressing up for the first day of the semester when it's freezing cold outside... it's a challenge and a conflict.

Feminine-presenting teachers often receive comments/judgments on their physical appearance (clothing, "looks," hair...) in student evaluations. How incredibly sexist is that?

I can't for the life of me find a pair of vegetarian plain black boots with decent flat soles (for walking on ice) that fit my calves. Narrow calf boots meeting these requirements seem to run in the $200 and upward range. ARE YOU KIDDING? It's a real affirmation that thinness is posh in much of my immediate fashion world. It's exhausting and classist (to say the least).

Heteronormativity in the workplace (my workplace being academia) is palpable. I'm seeing this in terms of benefits, social networking, and simultaneously tacit and overt gender codes for "appropriateness." What is going on here?

If you don't like dress shoes don't wear 'em. I say so.

Is there a way to avoid cardigan pits so you don't have to launder the cardies after every wear?

My household has been having frequent talks about cleavage (and our love of it) recently. Home sweet homo.

What radical political queer fashion thoughts have your panties in a twist? Please share.


Alistair LaQuisha Spiritrunner said...

So, I'm not saying that your boots should cost 200 dollars...but I want to point out that the only reason that all boots are not 200 dollars is because the the human labor that goes into them is not adequately compensated. Damn my Union Job! It's got me thinking about everything through a labor perspective.

Little Ms Whatshertights said...

you make an excellent point. and as per our kitchen conversation not thirty minutes ago, we live in times that encourage disposability and devalue saving toward expensive purchases, which makes our cheaper goods more disposable...a vicious cycle. but i hope YOU write something more about that because you explained it in a much smarter way than i am doing right now. or perhaps i can "that's what she said" you, but not in a dirty way--in an earnest ditto-to-your-smart-remarks kind of way. y'know?

btw you have a CRAZY blog name. shit!

Alistair LaQuisha Spiritrunner said...

Um, yeah. My name comes from the name given, years ago, to my alter-ego, who is a combination carpenter/yeti-hunter (not yeti-killer, more like yeti-finder). I didn't come up with the name, but apparently I used it when I signed up for blogger years ago. I forgot about it until I started commenting on your blog.

blonde Ambition said...

Love the blog and as for Cardigans, (now that summer is here and you can put them up for the season...) There are commercial products called "dress guards" which are basicalyy maxi pads that go inside the armhole of the garmet, right on under the armpit. YOu can purchase them at at wedding store or fashion some out of your own maxis/panty liners.