Monday, April 27, 2009

Open-carry debates: How many more brain cells can we afford to lose?

Oh I've just fucking had it with this open-carry bullshit I keep hearing on public radio. I am ANTI-OPEN-CARRY. I wish gun owners had their own planet where they could hunt and kill among themselves. Participants in today's debates argued the following offensive points:

1) If we ban guns we should ban pit bull terriers also.
2) It's not an open-carry law that's the problem, it's that people react to seeing guns out in public that messes shit up. You see, if only people wouldn't call the cops and get worried every time they saw someone carrying a gun, there wouldn't be problem with open-carry.

Are you kidding me? Where am I? Who are we? How did guns become a fashion accessory? Or an animal-like companion? These arguments are so depressing I don't even want to fashion a smart response.

Well here's this:

And this:

And I'm calling it a day.


amy_d said...
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Little Ms Whatshertights said...

Two things:

1) Someone posted a comment in response to this blog that directed people to an "open-carry rights" website. I deleted that comment. Why? Because in case it was unclear from my blog I am ANTI-OPEN-CARRY.

2) It occurred to me that I shouldn't have to double up on the crazy pills. It's all the gun-lovin' assholes out there who think open-carry is a "right" that need to tone down the crazy.

mp said...

i vote they all move to texas and secede already. better yet, ppc moves to a deserted island that grows vicodin on trees and has waterfalls of miller lite, etc. and we all secede. also, there is no work on this island.

mike m said...
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mike m said...

i support deleting stupid comments. this is your blog. not a greek agora, nor a dating hotline, nor an open-university, nor a town hall meeting.

Zerga said...

The "Open Carry" asshole crowd.

First off . . . I am a long time gun owner and a fervent backer of the Second Amendment and other Constitutional rights. Had a license to carry a concealed weapon for over 30-years.

When out in the deep woods, I sometimes "open carry" a side arm for protection against dangerous predators. While hobby prospecting, we'd have a gun strapped on due to bandits and criminals. Today, when picking berries, I carry a .45 auto pistol in a belt holster. Though I love black bears in that rare instance of attack, I would need to defend my life.

With that said, I will not openly carry a firearm in a public place. There is no logical reason to do so. A gun is a tool with a specific purposes. To casually carry a gun in the open within a public place is reckless, inconsiderate and stupid.

Have recently encountered a growing horde of "open carry" miscreants online. They now populate many gun related and Second Amendment discussion forums. It's like one of those lousy old horror movies. These mindless slobs whine on about being asked to leave a Wal-Mart store while openly packing a gun.

One "open carry" person was upset because an old lady gave him and his gun a dirty look while in a supermarket checkout line. "How dare she look at me as if I was an idiot!" he says. Well . . .Duh! If so, then that was one very perceptive woman.

When I asked in the forum, why they felt compelled to carry a handgun in the open at places like shopping malls, rather than concealed, the mob started name-calling. I was hit with red negative marks within some childish forum rating system. The "open carry" nut jobs were screaming about their "rights" under the Second Amendment. It was like trying to reason with ignorant children. They're insane!

When I suggested that the open carrying of guns might be more for the negative reaction, rather than self-defense, they became angry. The responses were emotional and not logical. The open carry of guns is just to piss people off.

To me, this “open carry” crowd is small minded, have little education, are socially alienated, have low self-esteem and no real power. These are no doubt perfect people to be running around modern society carrying loaded handguns on their hip.

Packing a gun in a populated public place gets the "open carry" sociopath noticed. It’s “See me . . . I am important!” . . . “I'm defending all of your rights!” “I'm am an armed, locked n’ loaded crusader hero!” They casually pack guns in the open for demented emotional reasons. Has nothing at all to do with Second Amendment.

I was responded to as "comrade", as if I must be an anti-gun leftist for asking questions. Always figured that these fringe mouth breathers were morons. The intellectual level is however much lower than could be imagined.

Suggested that a Freudian head shrink might better explain their “open carry” mania and reasons for it. That did it! I was thrown off the gun forum for "instigation" and banned from posting for an unspecified amount of time.

What I find most interesting is that my comprehension of the issue is no doubt close to the truth. The "open carry" debate has little to do with constitutional freedoms and rights. It is much more tied in with the petty machinations of powerless, unimportant and ignorant people. These malcontents have found a convenient “in your face” vehicle with the “open carry” movement.

The proof is . . . I was thrown off the gun forum for expressing an alternate opinion. What about my First Amendment, Freedom of Speech rights? For speaking out, I was punished and silenced. No doubt, with their blatant stupidity, the "open carry" dimwits are going to damage the Second Amendment rights cause.

Expect legislation with bans imposed on the open carry of firearms in places of population. I for one will back it!

mike m said...

i'm sorry i hadn't read this response until now. i think that Zerga has made some very smart points. Zerga seems to address what Whatshertights emphasizes in her title "debates." These debates have been made into what the right-wing think tanks call a"wedge" issue, something that divides rather than unites voters in a very polarizing fashion (no pun intended!).

So Zerga is pointing to something that needs more attention. The debates aren't necessarily about constitutional rights, but about further dividing the neo-conservatives from the "socialists."

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify my position. I am NOT opposed to "open carry" under "reasonable circumstances". When I go into the woods for any amount of time, a Model 1911 .45 Automatic is holstered on my right hip. It is a tool for protection against predators that may be encountered.

Strolling around a shopping mall is not the place to be packing a side arm in the open. If for nothing else, it upsets many people and is a way probably disturbs the peace.

I was reinstated to that firearm forum and it is quite interesting as to the amount of ignorant rants made against me with typical mis-spelled words, lack of punctuation and the absence of basic sentence structure. These people are no doubt ignorant social malcontents who believe that the "right to bear arms" clause within the "bill of rights" empowers them the absolute right under law to openly carry a gun anywhere they please.

If these stupid bastards had the slightest ability for reason and intelligent thought, they'd realize that they're using the exact same interpretation of the Second Amendment as do the gun hater crowd. The anti-gun people insist in the literal sense that the "well regulated militia" clause in the Second Amendment is in reference to something like the state national guard and not individuals. That's a convenient modern translation of 18th Century text, language and prose. As is the "right to bear" does not mean you carry a weapon in the open everywhere you go. It's the ability to if needed, be armed in protection. It's a "right" and not a direct command to do so.

The decision last year of the Supreme Court upheld that the right to bear arms of the Second Amendment is in fact an individual and not a collective right. Yes. . !

It seems that with that decision, the "open carry" movement was propelled forward and some purposely mis-guided souls intended to push the issue. Instead of being happy with that decision as were many, these fringe groups popped up and used the law, as them sees it, get into people's faces, challenging the system and pissing off the cops.

With a little information and plenty of twisted logic, these loose screw open carry fools are wandering around causing far more harm than good.

When going to forums trying to ask the basic question as to what purpose does in serve to be packing an open sidearm in the supermarket. . There is no answer . . . They just name call and attack! I'm accused of being troll for the Brady anti-gun crowd. It is pointless trying to reason with these reckless and stupid open carry weirdos.

The open question to the "open carry" people is this . . . Why strut around packing a gun in the open to antagonize people who are otherwise indifferent? By upsetting the old lady in line at the grocery story these "open carry" morons are doing far more damage to their questionable cause.

Fact is, the "open carry" advocates are actually helping outfits like the Brady anti-gun crowd to gain disciples and added support. Can’t they understand in their small minds that this gun toting campaign is going to backfire? (no pun intended)

Another negative result of these "open carry" assholes with this juvenile gun toting mischief will be the restrictive rules and government ordinances imposed. And those limitations will come sooner than later too. Expect to see standardized "No Firearms or Weapons Allowed" signs to appear at the entrances of chains stores such as Wal-mart and others. The notices alone will damage the "open carry" cause by drawing large disapproving attention of the general public to this otherwise small issue.

My principle concern is actually self-based. These “open carry” morons are going to end up ruining it for responsible gun owners. While in the woods one day, I don’t look forward to bumping into the Barney Fife cop who busts me for violating a newly enacted local ordinance against the open carry of a gun.

TrackerPacker said...

Open carry is the free exercise of the 2nd Amendment. Concealed carry is the taxed privilege and is a relative newcomer to the legal scene, as many state constitutions include provisions for the regulation of concealed carry, as concealed carry (CC for short) was seen as a sign of nefarious intent (particularly by our Founding Fathers)

If our rights were contingent on whether or not we "scared" someone, we wouldn't have rights at all.

Also, just for the record... Texas hasn't allowed open carry since the 1960s or so. However, they have a decent shall-issue CCW permit system. It is always so funny to hear people say "This isn't Texas" or "They should move to Texas" or something to that general effect. *Laugh*

In short, I urge you to please reconsider your caustic views in light of the Constitution, history and American traditions that extend back into British tradition and law.



Anonymous said...

Well, the way I see it, and I am a CCL holder in the state of OK, and an NRA pistol Instructor, I believe that we should have the right to take our coats off at a resturant, instead of keeping them on to hide a gun. Too many people have a gun phobia. I have no idea why they have a gun phobia but they do. You had mentioned people not liking to view an open carried gun. My wife is Blind and has a guide dog, we have been asked to leave resturants and asked not to check into hotels because people have irrational beliefs. But, they need to be educated, and they also need to grow up. I see an immaturity in America, and it is on both sides of the isle, the left and the right. If we had more maturity, we would have more liberties and would rely much less on the govt for handouts. The fact is, the second amendment is in place, and it is a good thing, for then and for now. yes, many of us can become "fans" but this is due in part by having our thoughts dismissed, I for one, believe in sanity, and the Second Amendment. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.