Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transitioning to Summer

With my "change of heart" toward winter a few years ago (see previous post), I found my love for the summer months fading away. I attributed this to the rising levels of street harassment I found myself having to navigate after moving to New York City, but I know this happens everywhere and the bottom line is that street harassers need to CHANGE THEIR WAYS.

From a clothing/footwear perspective, I've found it challenging to find comfortable footwear that can withstand miles of city pavement. I also grew tired of ironing cotton shirts and dresses, but the summer heat makes it tough to wear anything other than light fabrics.

This summer, I'm determined to be prepared. I've invested in comfortable Mary Janes, pencil skirts, and queerly cut t-shirts that are all iron-free. This style is surprisingly versatile; accessories can dress it up when desired. But the best part of this look is that these items are easy to find within a range of budgets.

I'm heading into the soupy summer months feeling positive. I'll be comfy in my smart shoes and soft tees. And this will free up some energy to tell the street harassers exactly what I think of their shitty remarks!

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