Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sex Workers! Karate! And boobs for everyone!

Such great news. A group of sex workers in India, it appears, is learning karate:

An unrelated thought... I want to post a blog about queerfemmes and boobs: boobs and queerfemme identity; small-boobed femmes; boobless femmes; self-breast examinations; bras that (don't) fit; boob assumptions; mastectomies; boob contradictions; great boob expectations; boob enhancements; boob reductions; size size size; queer boobs; boobs and the babycrazies (all this crap I'm hearing lately praising pregnancy for bigger boobs but simultaneously blaming it for so-called baby "fat"); boob bombardment; boob health; boob worries and woes; Tune In Tokyo; motorboating; leave it to cleave; how cleavage divides us (right?!!); boob play; the ladies' consent... Yah. I want to explore all of this. Wanna add some ideas before I get started?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sitcoms and Fat Politics

I just discovered that I can watch Golden Girls reruns on TV after I come home from work. I love this. And watching this show as an adult means I can now see the politically progressive writing that was going on. I love this, too. I guess you might be expecting this blog to tackle the shoulder pads, clip-on earrings, and Dorothy's white boots, and though I'm cringing I'm going to avoid all of that for now.

Instead I just want to question (AGAIN!) why anti-fat humour is so permissible, even within the most politically conscious pockets of the media. It's killing my hope that I can be mildly entertained from a seated position on the couch for an hour after I've worked hard all day. I'm in my thirties for fucksake--I like to sit down after work. But it's depressing that even the TV I love isn't safe. Fat isn't funny in the ways the media wants me to think it is. I don't know how many times I can repeat this.

So, here's an interesting blog I just came across that talks about the Kirstie Alley stuff that happened recently:

While I disagree with this blogger that a) Kirstie Alley sucked on Cheers and b) we should be targeting her with our blame, I think they make a few good points about the fatphobic media's agenda. This blog is also useful in that it links several other noteworthy fat-positive blogs happening out there.

I also found information about a Fat and Queer Conference starting up via Facebook. Sounds like some good things are taking place. Sounds more like the kind of stuff I want to come home to, but I had to turn the TV off to access it, of course.