Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sitcoms and Fat Politics

I just discovered that I can watch Golden Girls reruns on TV after I come home from work. I love this. And watching this show as an adult means I can now see the politically progressive writing that was going on. I love this, too. I guess you might be expecting this blog to tackle the shoulder pads, clip-on earrings, and Dorothy's white boots, and though I'm cringing I'm going to avoid all of that for now.

Instead I just want to question (AGAIN!) why anti-fat humour is so permissible, even within the most politically conscious pockets of the media. It's killing my hope that I can be mildly entertained from a seated position on the couch for an hour after I've worked hard all day. I'm in my thirties for fucksake--I like to sit down after work. But it's depressing that even the TV I love isn't safe. Fat isn't funny in the ways the media wants me to think it is. I don't know how many times I can repeat this.

So, here's an interesting blog I just came across that talks about the Kirstie Alley stuff that happened recently:

While I disagree with this blogger that a) Kirstie Alley sucked on Cheers and b) we should be targeting her with our blame, I think they make a few good points about the fatphobic media's agenda. This blog is also useful in that it links several other noteworthy fat-positive blogs happening out there.

I also found information about a Fat and Queer Conference starting up via Facebook. Sounds like some good things are taking place. Sounds more like the kind of stuff I want to come home to, but I had to turn the TV off to access it, of course.


PFA said...

We are fighting fat phobia. We are the new voice and the male voice in fat acceptance.

Little Ms Whatshertights said...

PFA: I was excited to read your blog based on the brief description you provided here, but I find many of the statements in your recent post to be antifeminist. I don't see how your arguments and rhetorical choices are "fighting" fat phobia. It seems like many of the things you are saying blame (and hate) those of us in alliance with fat acceptance movements. I stopped reading.

I'm interested in efforts to queer the blogosphere and I'm devoting the time I spend reading/writing blogs to stuff that challenges institutional oppressions, complicates my politics, and enriches critical thought.

mike m said...

ya, i read that PFA blog; it's a lot of men blaming women and diatribe against the "media." It's like a high school research project, except not worth reading.

mike m said...

ps- good, concise, and smart response to the "new voice" in fat acceptance, whatshertights.

lady_a said...


I was just image-googling "fight fat phobia" and YOUR blog was one of the first to come up!

ha! love it!