Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Polyamorous Thrifter and Epicure

After my heartbreaking realization last summer that Disgraceland (Chicago) had closed its doors, I am thrilled to have found a new love in resale: Second Time Around. I stumbled upon this store in downtown Philly earlier this week, and treated myself to a heap of "new" clothes for decent prices. My purchases included a gorgeous red winter coat, two sassy dresses, and cute tops that fit great in the chest and shoulders. I left Philly a very happy lady.

The salespeople at Second Time Around were friendly and they sent me off with a punch card that can be used at all of their locations (there's one in Chicago too!). The person who rang up my purchases had terrific hair.

I loved Philly, and walking around in the city reminded me of how well I am fed--literally and metaphorically--by urban, cosmopolitan epicenters. I need to move! The Reading Terminal Market across from the Marriott Downtown was exquisite. I ate there three times and had a dolma platter (pretty good), dal, rice and samosas from Nanee's Kitchen (AMAZING), and a vegetarian hoagie with sides of "tuna" and "chicken" salad from the vegetarian deli stand (DIVINE). Some fast city fortune led us to a restaurant on 13th called Zavino where they were hosting a friends and family night and invited us to dine. I cannot believe the complementary feast we had including two varieties of beets and (get ready for this!) a ricotta-kale ravioli. I wrote in my comment card that as a kale prostitute, I loved that the ricotta did not overpower or compromise the subtleties kale offers in the way of flavor. I meant it too. The cab and pinot were like a key party in my mouth.

The last thing I want to say is this: Black Truffle Guacamole. Had it at El Vez restaurant.
The combination was so fucking amazing it knocked me up, changed me forever, brought tears to my eyes. Some people call it the city of brotherly love but to steal Kate's words, I'll call it the city of sisterly orgasm.


molly t. said...

"key party in my mouth"! You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Having gone to a woman's collage right outside of the city I can attest that the sisterly tag is true.