Sunday, March 14, 2010

Checking In

Things are crazy busy right now and I'm sad to say I've had to neglect this blog. I think about it all the time, though, and look forward to writing more regular posts once my time frees up a bit.

I've been scribbling down lots of ideas for future posts so stay tuned. One thing that's been on mind is the apparent critiques a certain celebrity couple have received for "dressing" their daughter in "boyish" clothes.

I haven't followed the buzz about all of this, but I do find it interesting that this "story" has been taken up as a newsworthy item, exposing (again) hatred and fear about gender non-normativity (IF we can even call this non-normative). Keep up the good work, phobes.

Another thing I've been trying to read more about is the politics of denim. A big piece of this is how jeans have come to be an emblem of comfort. Jeans comfortable? I've never thought so. And for the longest time I thought I held this perspective in isolation. Not so! It turns out there are other people writing about varied perceptions of "comfort" when it comes to jeans. This is definitely a topic I plan to explore in much more detail. Let me know if this stirs any initial responses.

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